Is there a God? If there is a God, then there is every possibility that God created the world with a
purpose and our lives have meaning. If there isn’t a God, then all was created randomly and
meaninglessly and the only meaning in life is that which we choose to impose upon our lives.
If there is a God, then there very well maybe consequences for our actions ; God may have a standard of
behavior He expects us to live up to and if we don’t, then there is hell to pay. If there isn’t a God, then it
is only the justice of mankind we need to be concerned about.
If there is God, it implies that there is purpose to creation, values to live by and ultimately restrictions;
and people do not like restrictions in their lives. This is why it doesn’t make sense to pursue the question
whether the laws in the Bible are the revealed text from God instructing us how to lead our lives.
Probably most of us have never looked into the question about the existence of God and the reason He
gave us the Law to guide us in life. Or we have thought out reasons why we believe in what we believe
about God and His Laws. Actually, the first of the ten commandment is the source for the law “to know
there is God”. One is obligated to investigate about God and His written laws; and to clarify the evidence
of God’s existence and why we should keep his laws. This is different than faith. Faith is an emotional
leap to a conclusion. Belief is a point on a continuum from “no knowledge” to “absolute knowledge”.
The more evidence we have the stronger is our belief, and this book in your hand is here to help out on
your investigation on whether we are to keep all the Laws in the Bible.

YahJekwu Greg Ezeofor - ARE WE TO KEEP ALL THE LAWS

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